Big brother on duty

siblings love kiss

Finding out you are pregnant for the second time is not only exciting but also nerve-wracking. You are of course excited about what’s to come and start planning everything out but you are so anxious about how your first baby will react to this massive change.

Let me just tell you that there is nothing better than hearing your oldest baby talk to his or her sister, or watching them interact together. This feeling is priceless! Of course at the beginning it was not easy, neither on me but also on George. It was a huge change, I had to be away for 2 nights when I gave birth to Olivia and George has never went to bed without me before. So yes, it was hard, we had meltdowns (especially I did) but we got through it.

There are certain things that we did that really helped and one of them is some solo day dates with our son (as mentioned in my “just the two of us” post). But there were and still are some things we try to stick to so that no one feels left out.

And now I am just sitting here, and while Olivia was napping and George was playing with his cars, she started crying. George looked at me and said (in his words of course) that he is going to give her, her pacifier. And I am still sitting here, so proud that they love each other and such an emotional mess because I know that my first-born baby is not a baby anymore and that he somehow found the need to take care of his sister.

I know that everything is still new for him and that we are all still adjusting but I can say for sure that he is happy and she is happy, and that is what matters the most. There are moments when he is jealous (and who wouldn’t be) and there are times he really wants the attention for himself but most of the times this is not the case. The way she looks at him, or the way she turns around every time she hears his voice and the way he cares about her, giving her, her pacifier, singing to her, feeding her are the moments I will cherish forever. In those moments I realise that I would never change a single thing or decision I made regarding these two.

I hope that they will always have each other’s back when they get older, and I will try to do my best to ensure that they always feel equally loved and appreciated.

How have you prepared your son or daughter for the new baby? Would you like me to share with you some of the things we did and still do to ease the transition from an only kid to a big brother for George?


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