Sprinkles of kindness

As a mum I try to raise my kids with good manners and I want them to be kind! Olivia is still a baby so I focus more on George and to be honest he is so caring and such a kind kid it really makes my heart burst every time!

The problem is that I often find myself wondering whether I did the right thing, is it really the right decision raising kind kids? Don’t get me wrong, I want to see more kindness in the world, I want my kids to be able to make a difference in the future and change someone’s day to the better by just being kind. But do we deserve kindness? Are we really kind enough ourselves?

Since having Olivia, our son is obsessed with babies and he is so caring towards them. We will go to the soft play and he will play with the babies that most of the kids won’t play with. And there I am watching him, while sipping on my coffee, and he cheers and congratulations a baby (probably 8-9 months old) that is crawling. He finds it so special and he even starts crawling himself next to the baby and there is his mother who just looks at my son with the worst look possible and grabs the baby from there. Now I know that she may be afraid that he might hurt him, which is totally understandable but what really got me is the way she looked at my son.

At least give him a smile, he is just a toddler as well. I do not really mind people not smiling back at my son or not responding to him but when I see parents do that I just get frustrated. They have kids as well so I expect them to be more kind and caring towards other kids. Unfortunately though our kids mimic our actions, and there I am again at the same soft play (maybe I should just change a soft play place??), again sipping on my coffee, and I hear my son talking louder than normal. And there is my son, another toddler and his father. My son was playing and this boy just pushed him, my son continued to play and then he pushed him again and my son fell down and started crying and I went in to grab my son. The whole time the other boy’s father was there watching and he said nothing! Not even apologise to my son or me.

They are kids and I totally get that but I am one of those parents that will actually tell her kid off for doing something wrong, even the simplest thing, like not waiting for his turn on the slide, and I expect others to do the same. But if you are not willing to tell your kid off or teach your kid how to be kind and caring then why I am raising my kids this way? Am I the one being wrong? Am I raising them too kind that they will end up being bullied? Is this the world we are living in, the world where you are afraid that your kid may be too kind?

What is your opinion and your experience with toddlers and kindness? Am I the only one worrying about this?

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