A thank you note to my 3 year old!

I can easily say that this is my favourite age of George so far and for so many reasons.

It is amazing watching his personality develop every single day, watching his excitement grow over the tiniest of things and having conversations with him in a way I would have had with an 8-year old.

I am so thankful that he made me a mum and that he teaches me so much every single day.

” I want to thank you, thank you for showing me what unconditional love is. For showing me how to care for others and expect nothing back.
Thank you for holding my hand and kissing my head when I have one of those migraines again.
For reminding me how little my problems are and how easily they can be solved. Every time my back hurts you just kiss it and just like magic all the pain disappears (I know that when I give you a kiss the pain magically disappears as well).
For teaching me how to be brave because I can see, I can you are scared of the dark or scared of certain things yet you find the courage to go into the dark room and turn the light on your self.
For teaching me that even if you fall so many times you will find the way to stand up (literally). You are so brave for doing this, and I admire you for that. Wish I was this strong.
Thank you for loving me, loving me when I look my worst, for thanking me and saying that I am the best even on my bad days.
Thank you for building my patience and showing me how important this actually is.

Boy, you are so brave. So, so brave. I saw those 6 years old making fun of you and I saw how you responded to them. I cannot begin to tell you how proud you made me. You made me so proud, because despite you being 3 years younger and having half of their height you stood up and fought back in a way you knew best.

And then you left and played with the other kids. Being your happy and polite self. You are such a kind kid that I burst into tears watching you being so caring over the youngest kids. You always make new friends wherever we go (clearly you got that from your father).

I love watching you introducing Olivia to everyone so proudly and saying that she is your little sister. Boy, she is so lucky to have you as her big brother!

Even though I sometimes find it frustrating, I actually love that you have an opinion about everything. That you know what you want and that you will not compromise for anything less.

You are amazing, you have taught us so much in those 3 years that I would have never learned otherwise! Thank you for making me a better person and thank you for letting me cuddle you and hold your hand every single day. Please, don’t let anyone or anything change you, you are amazing…and if they tell you otherwise it’s because they are jealous!

I love you baby boy!”

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