Olivia’s 1 year update

Cannot believe I am doing Olivia’s one year update already. Let me just start by saying that Olivia is not a baby anymore. She is a full on toddler, she does everything a toddler does, the good and the bad!

toddler one year old


General information

She is in size 4+ diapers. She is currently weighing 9.200gr and she is 72cm long. She now wears mostly 12-18 months clothes and I just can’t believe that George was only wearing 18months old 6 months ago, at least she has a lot of his clothes to wear!


If you follow my Instagram you probably already know that we have been doing baby led weaning for a while now. Olivia loves her food and she won’t let you feed her. If I try to feed her she will start whining until I give up and she starts eating on her own. Honestly she eats more on her own compared to if I feed her. She also eats more if she holds the food and walks around compared to just sitting in her high chair. As far as milk goes, she has generally 1-2 bottles per day, one before bed (150ml) and one at night (150ml), if she wakes up. We have switched to cow’s milk before bed and the NAN lactose free formula during the night. We made the change as dairy seemed to be upsetting her tummy, George had the exact same issue so it was nothing new to us.


For the past couple of days I can’t really complain as she sleeps through the night. She has been sleeping from 7-7:30 until 6:00-7:00. Somehow the daylight saving time change is in my favour (hopefully it stays this way). Can’t wait to catch up on all this sleep I am missing. But honestly these past few months were a little tough on us, sleeping wise, as she has been fighting a lot with coughing and runny nose during the winter which resulted in her waking up all night for months! One thing that has changed though is that she cries whenever I leave the room, she never did that but still she will cry for a couple of minutes I will go back to cuddle her and then she will fall asleep on her own. I think it has to do with separation anxiety.

As for naps Olivia is a super baby I guess and doesn’t really need to nap?! She may have one nap that lasts anywhere between 10-45 minutes and that’s it. Even though she is a very active toddler.

Walking toddler milestone


She is now walking pretty well I would say. She started about a month ago and she is slowly getting out of the whole penguin walk phase.

She shows affection to her stuffed animals and toys, she will cuddle them and give them kisses which is the sweetest thing.

She shows a preference towards me at the moment and we are dealing with separation anxiety again, I am not allowed to leave the room otherwise she starts screaming.

She has learned to demand what she wants so she will point out at the thing she wants and will say “this” and if you ask her she will say yes!

She shows affection to her brother she runs after him, cuddles him and gives him kisses all the time.

She now screams whenever George takes her toy away, and we are slowly trying to teach him not to do that and trying to teach Olivia that screaming is not the way to go.

Toddler teddy caring

Milestones she has achieved


  • Pulls herself up to stand
  • Gets to sitting position without assistance
  • She is walking
  • Stands without support
  • Unhappy when she is left alone for a while
  • She turns around at every sound
  • Says a few words
  • Makes various sounds
  • Amuses herself by playing with her hands and feet
  • Brings both hands together and claps
  • Smiles and laughs all the time
  • Understand simple commands like come on, no, yes

Hand and finger skills

  • Uses pincer grasp
  • Puts objects into container and then takes them out
  • Gives objects voluntarily
  • Shows with her finger
  • Tries to imitate scribbling
  • Can eat a full meal on her own with her hands, shows interest in using the spoon


  • Shaking her head for “no” or “yes”
  • Says few words like mama, papa, this, look, yes
  • Babbles all the time with different tones to mimic speech
  • Uses exclamations, such as “oh, wow”
  • Tries to say what we are saying
  • Responds to simple requests
  • Responds when we ask her simple things, such as “do you want water?” “do you want food?”


  • Finds hidden objects easily
  • Looks / shows the correct picture or the correct person when we ask her
  • Imitates gestures
  • Uses various objects correctly, drinks from a cup, tries to brush her hair with a hair brush, imitates talking to the phone

Social / Emotional

  • She is shy or anxious when there are strangers around
  • Cries when I leave the room
  • Shows preference to specific people or toys
  • Tests our responses when it comes to feedings (throws food on the floor, plays with food and so on), to her behavior (cries when she wants something, shows when she wants something, throws stuff on the floor)
  • Shows signs of fear in certain situations
  • Repeats sounds to get attention
  • Extends arms to ask to be picked up

I think I have covered everything. What is your favourite milestone your little one reached this month?


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