When “I” becomes “We”

I recently read a blog post regarding oral language development in toddlers and how to encourage it and it was a really useful article. But what really stood out for me was one example the writer gave where the mother said to the toddler "we went to the toilet, didn't we?" and she pointed out … Continue reading When “I” becomes “We”

A different perspective on C-Section

"Why did you have a C-section?"   This question makes me so angry, angry because I wouldn't ask you why you had a natural birth, would I? But I get it, C-section is the "bad" option when it comes to labor. But I also like the question because I want to let people know know … Continue reading A different perspective on C-Section

Things I know now, that I wish I knew with my first born

As a first time mum you stress about everything, from the day you see those two pink lines you start stressing out about the financial stuff, the breastfeeding, the hospital bag. It is all constantly in your mind. That is definitely not a bad thing and it is completely normal. Then you actually give birth … Continue reading Things I know now, that I wish I knew with my first born